Inspiration for a fantasy wedding at Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos

The wedding of Jasmina & Derek

The destinations in Mexico are wonderful and I like most is that always I find great surprises. The big day of Jasmina and Derek became a great excuse to learn more about a wondeful destination for weddings. On this occasion, what better way to be part of the love story of this adorable couple that, in seconds, conquered me for all the shared smiles. Don’t miss this images to inspiration for a wedding in Los Cabos, a fantastic experience.

A cutest couple

Such a special day had to start with a ritual of a lot of style and  many laughs. Jasmina looked perfect with her wedding dress covered with romantic lace embroidery. The suspenders were a great ally to ensure comfort and as expected beautiful accessories were not lacking to complement the great outfit with a pink heels.

Derek, on the other way, wore a most elegant blue suit. A tuxedo that accompanied with a pink bow tie and the handkerchief in the same tone.

Ceremony unique and banquet luscious

Jasmina & Derek got to met on the terrace of the resort to reach a simple jupa and promise eternal love. The ceremony was a dream with a wonderful view of the beautiful marina of Cabo San Lucas. Derek arrived from arm of his mother and grandmother, in the jupa he waited for Jasmina’s arrival to meet face to face in a romantic moment fairytale-worthy.

With a very deep meaning, the swap of symbols and votes, Jasmina and Derek faced each other to beginning of an endless adventure. They both and all their guests, couldn’t hide the happiness of being before a chapter that would mark the beginning of a phenomenal love story and of course, of a new family.

At the end of the ceremony, The Roof Top of Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos, awaited everyone for an extraordinary reception. The key moment? Jasmina & Derek’s great dance, as well as the dances they shared with all their guests. IDEAL! There is no doubt this wedding not only marks a inspiration for a wedding in Los Cabos, but the realization of a dream with a person that will transform your world completely

Photography: Tomas Barron Photographer | Wedding Planner: On site   |  Venue: Sandos Finisterra Los Cabos