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About me

Hello! Thank you very much for visiting my website.  My name is Tomas, a man, dreamer, friend, husband, father, son and photographer in love with a wonderful woman. For me, the most beautiful, as well as my daughter Maria. I live and enjoy life day by day, seeing that life is short and that we cannot recover these moments.

I’m a lucky guy to have the opportunity to work and live of what I enjoy to do the most.

I have a Bachelor Degree in Communication Sciences, but since I was a child, photography has been the most passionate activity of my life. The simplest things in life are the most valuable to me, I really enjoy watching a sunset on the beach, an afternoon embraced by my daughter, a kiss from my wife, play with Lucas (my dog), family meetings, wet feet on the seashore, a glass of whisky, long conversations with a glass of wine, rare movies and the music. I live listening music of all genres, don’t doubt that I will be dancing at your wedding with my camera documenting your reception on the dance floor.

For me, the day of your wedding is very special, I love telling love stories with a documentary style, creative, emotional, fun, elegant and timeless.

What I like about weddings is that all emotions and feelings come together in one place with a single purpose. The wedding day goes by very quickly, but what will remain for the next months and years to come are the memories and images, so my goal as a wedding photographer is to become a member of the bride and groom’s family, the best friend. This allows me to capture people being themselves in the most emotional moments during the wedding so that they can then enjoy and be surprised by the moments they didn’t even imagine had happened.

My job is to capture those images that tell a great story and make you remember how you felt.

If you feel identified with this don’t hesitate to contact me I would be honored to telling your children through my vision about this GREAT DAY.

Thank to trust me

My Style

My photography style is part of a trend named Creative Weddings Photojournalism, which is a combination of documentary photography and creative photography with a touch of elegance and influences of fashion photography.

Documentary photography is based on an idea that the photographer must capture the moment as it is, without manipulating or modifying it. Therefore, I try to interfere as little as possible in the development of the event and let things happen naturally.

The most important thing in my documentary vision is to focus on emotions, because I consider that this photo style that transcend and that over time allow to show to future generations (their children and grandchildren) the affections and relationships with their loved ones, etc … always capturing their essence without poses.

However, I complement this documentary photography with creative and elegant photography with a little fashion style touch, which in my case consists to working with light and composition of the image in order to capture the sensations of each moment in the most beautiful way possible .

A balanced combination of these trends allows me to capture, in depth, all the moments of a wedding, both in its documentary aspect and in its aesthetic aspect.

Frequently asked questions

Here you can find a selection of questions commonly asked by brides and grooms that I usually answer by email or Skype.

Will you or someone else be our photographer?

I will be your photographer.  I never send employees to cover a wedding, because for me it is very important to maintain the same level of quality at all wedding shoots, If you would like a second photographer, I have second shooters available.

Why choose me?

Stress Free, knowledge, experience and service.  Would you trust your photographs to someone who lacks in any of these areas?  Whatever photographer you select, ensure that they have all of the above and that their style match the artistic vision you have for your photos. 

Destination weddings can be stressful. You can count on me to be there for you. I seem to have a calming influence and the knowledge necessary to solve problems and eventuality. Attitude of service, punctuality, discretion and professionalism, I have hundreds of successful weddings with thousands of people. So many satisfied customers. You could be the next.

My style is spontaneous, candid and photojournalistic, and your experience will be comfortable and fun.

How many weddings have you photographed?

Wow, great question I have 15 years of experience. My first 5 years I did 140 weddings per year, the last 10 years I made only 40 weddings per year. I have an experience of more than 1000 weddings, this helps me a lot to solve problems during the Wedding. Believe me, I had seen and lived everything about weddings.

What time do you start taking photos on the wedding day?

I normally start three hours before the ceremony for bride’s getting ready pictures and first look of bride and groom’s For example, if the ceremony starts at 5pm, I would start around 2pm.

Do you only shoot in Cabo?

No I don’t! I love to travel and I travel where brides and grooms take me. It can be inside Mexico or anywhere in the world. I love to shoot  places like Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, Huatulco, Mazatlan, Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende. Travel fee is included in my rates for weddigs in Mexico country.

Do you offer video? 

No. I’m just photographer. I specialize and focus my time to give them a single but very good service.I think for your wedding video you would have to hire a company that specializes in video.

Should we meet you before the wedding? 

It’s not necessary, although it is recommended. I understand that sometimes for times or distances this is not possible. But of course we can make an appointment to meet in person, drink coffee and talk about what you are looking for your wedding Photography event. In any case we can also make conferences online.

How many photos are taken during a wedding?

The number of pictures I take during the event depends of many factors: type of event, number of guests and hours of coverage, among others. I normally take 2000 in a complete wedding, keeping in mind that I can take many photos at once and there are many repetitions. On average, I deliver between 60 and 80 pictures per hour. In a wedding coverage of 10 hours, you would receive around 600 and 800 final pictures.

Will all my wedding pictures be edited ?

All of the photos submitted are retouched digitally for optimal printing. Each picture retouched one by one, adjusting the color and contrast, I make the adjustments and retouches that I consider necessary for each photo.

Do you photograph details?

Sure, every detail I see in the bride’s room, specially the jewelry, shoes, wedding dress, in some cases the lingerie. Also all decoration of the ceremony and reception are essential part of this special day.

Do you photograph family and wedding party formals?

Of course I do! The family is an important part of your event. This is the only exception I make in terms of spontaneity. I think that the group photos of the newly-weds with family and friends are interesting and there is no problem with taking them. From experience I always recommend limiting groups of families to the most indispensable for the couple, say the closest family and preferably by groups, no individually. Since this saves time, which can be used for the couple to enjoy the couple’s session and even if they do not, at that moment they want to spend less time smiling at the camera by simple protocol.

What happens if I don’t know how to pose?

Its not necessary to be a model! I describe my style as a documentary, and what I always look for in my partners is that they are themselves, as if there were no cameras around them. It’s just a matter of being oneself and enjoying the moments, because that way the pictures will be more spontaneous and you will not have to worry about pretending smiles or making uncomfortable poses.

Can we give you a list of photographs we want you to take?

I don’t like bridezilla lists! Most of the time those lists describe family pictures with bride/groom, general details and moments we as photographers usually shoot. Of course I’ll take into account if at the moment you ask me to take a special accessory for you or a photo with your best friend. But a list of photographs…  all it does is to distract me from the real moments that you are living during the best day of your life.

Do you take photos during the meal?

No, I don’t take photos during the meal, except in some exceptional moments. A break is taken from the first course of the meal until the desserts come out. Photographs of people eating do not come out well and it is better to let them rest and enjoy their meal and a calmly conversation.

Do you take pictures of the guests at the tables?

I do it if you ask me that as a favor, but in my experience, I don’t recommend it since it is uncomfortable for the guests to stand up on the other side of the table when they are eating (moment where usually these types of photographs are made). What I recommend and that my clients enjoy more, is to capture their guests spontaneously while they laugh and enjoy what they are living.

What about food?

Although photographers are part of the vendors of your event we are also human and we need your corner to continue with the energy and cover  the most important moments. This doesn’t mean that I sit at an assigned table with your guests, but some quesadillas and something refreshing will be enough to keep up with the load to continue working.

Do you offer the service of Photobooth?

I don’t offer the service of Photobooth because I prefer to concentrate 100% on the wedding photography and give you a better service. BUT YOUR WEDDING PLANNER CAN GET THE BEST FOR YOU

How do we hire you?

The main thing is to confirm my availability for your date. The next thing is to make a retainer fee payment of 30% of on the final price of the contracted package, this retainer secures the date, time and our services for your wedding day. Next, we will both sign a wedding photography contract. The remaining payment can be at least 1 week before the event.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Once you sign our photography contract, I block your wedding date only for you and I don’t accept other events the same day. For this reason, the initial deposit is non-refundable, but I can certainly transfer the deposit to another date based on availability.

Does my retainer payment guarantee my booking?

Yes it does. Once I receive a retainer or payment in full, I will follow up with a confirmation email. Please note that the only way to guarantee a booking is by paying the retainer or payment in full.  Given demand, no dates can be held as ‘tentative’.  I operate on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis .

What can I do if the resort makes me pay a “fee” for bringing my own photographer?

This is a way for them to pressure you to use their in-house photographer. The so-called “vendor fee” should never be considered as a photography cost because in fact it is a resort cost. Defend your rights and negotiate with the resort. Keep in mind that I am not responsible for paying any fee, but we can negotiate and make exceptions.

When will we see our pictures?

I will email you a download link with your wedding pictures between 4-6 weeks after the wedding, ready to be downloaded. This time is an estimate, it always depends on the season between your wedding but I do not usually delay and sometimes even receive them before said time!

Do you deliver at the download link with all of the photos in high resolution so they can be printed?

Yes, I always deliver files in high resolution so they can easily be printed, copied and used as desired with no restrictions.

My best friend is a photographer and will take some pictures, is it possible?

He is free to take his camera and take pictures of the event from his point of view, but by contract I’m forbidden that another photographer is present in the couple’s session and family and wedding party pictures, because the poses that arise at that moment, will be created by me and for my lens as well as we avoid eventualities and delays.

Something very important that guarantees my professionalism:

Safety in the realization

I always carry my gear doubled: two cameras and different lenses that allow me to have a spare in case of mechanical failure of my equipment.

Safety in storage

All wedding photos are stored with three copies on high-security hard disks in different locations. This means that all the work is covered for accidents, technical failure, theft, fire or any other disaster that may arise.

Guarantee of the archive

After shooting the photos and delivering them, a copy of all material on high-security disks for two years is always kept, at no extra charge.

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